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Flex Arm Video Magnifiers


GoVision is an all-in-one, space-saving HD video magnifier that combines all the best features of a desktop video magnifier with transportability and connectivity unrivaled by other products. 

Onyx DeskSet HD

The ONYX Deskset HD is a portable video magnifier that adapts to multiple environments and tasks for productivity at school, work, and at home.

The Revolution

The Revolution is the first assistive device targeted to an all in one “Living Machine". The user can toggle back and forth between the Full HD Video Magnifier, Text To Speech and Android Operating System with a push of a single button.

Smartview 360

With its integrated camera and monitor, the SmartView 360o desktop magnifier magnifies images to help you clearly see the world around you. It’s easy to position the camera to see across a room, enlarge any text or act as a magnifying mirror.


The only multi-purpose low vision viewer designed with Aumed Anti-Blur™ Technology.  Ideal for both left anf right-handed users, with dual control panels on the revolving camera. 


Aumax-VGA is a flexible and portable magnifying solution. It’s equipped with a high quality camera unit and easy to use. Just point the camera at where you need to see, the Aumax-VGA will bring the image to your screen.