Sage Vision Mission

No matter where a person is on the vision spectrum, Sage Vision will help start their confidence and freedom. We are committed to serving all types of communities across PA; the educational community, the elderly community, low vision employees in today’s workplace, providers and medical doctors. We carry over 100 different low vision products and offer product demonstrations, installations and support. Our goal is to help patients learn how to perform everyday tasks with their devices, foster hope that their lives will return to a new normal and thrive in their independence.

The entire Sage Vision team is dedicated to providing exceptional personal service to meet the needs of clients and customers across PA.

Dawn PrallOwner, President & CEO
Dawn, the proud owner of Sage Vision since March 2019, brings a fresh prospective to serving the needs of the sight-impaired community across the state. Her knowledge and expertise in the vision research industry serves as a unique platform to lead the company. Her lifetime commitment to making a difference in peoples lives guides the values and goals of the company.

Dawn graduated with a BS concentrating in International Business and French. She also received her MBA in Marketing and Economics. As the former Executive Director of the Macula Vision Research Foundation, Dawn developed her passion for working with the visually impaired and now strives to build awareness and bring solutions to people who suffer with vision loss.

Dawn was born in California, raised in the midwest and moved to Philadelphia 25 years ago. She loves her terriers and calling PA home. She enjoys cooking, reading, and likes to strut her stuff on the golf course.

Super Power: Dawn can name-that-tune in 3 seconds or less AND she knows who the singer is!

Empowering lives – we help you figure out what works for you.