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Awards & Testimonials


Assistive Technology Achievement Award
Presented by: Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (P.I.A.T.)
"In Recognition of Your Contribution to Improving Access to Assistive Technology for Pennsylvanians with Disabilities and Older Pennsylvanians"

Service Award
Presented by: Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB)
"Presented to John Poth, SAGE Vision Technology, Inc., in recognition of his dedication to provide instruction and access to adaptive technology and low vision products for the blind and visually impaired community of Pennsylvania"

Corporate Service Award
Presented by: Pennsylvania Council of the Blind (PCB)
"The Pennsylvania Council of the Blind presents this Corporate Service Award to John Poth for his excellent service to individuals with low vision.  John represents eight companies with 50 products.  He has a sincere concern for current and potential customers, visiting individuals in their homes if needed.  John Poth has touched thousands of lives and made those lives better through the technology and his caring guidance through the process of choosing assistive devices"




Please review the following testimonials to see what our customers think!

Thanks for your special brand of service.  No one has come closer to restoring my vision than you have.  For your ability to do that for someone it is not only admirable, but also enviable.


Dear Mr. Poth,

Thank you for your prompt response to my need for a new reading machine.  You were always so kind and willing to help.  I appreciate that and will remember you in the future.

Helene H.

Dear Mr. Poth,

Every time I use my new Aladdin, I send up a silent "thank you" to you. This wonderful machine has brought me back to the real world again. EDIT

Thank you! Leona M.

Dear Mr. Poth,

Just a few lines to report that the Aladdin Classic arrived in good condition and is working well. I'm glad to have you available for any questions that might arise. I have used Reader Machines for several years. Although 87 years of age and with weak sight in only one working eye, I'm able to read 4 or 5 hours daily with the machine and thus keep abreast of the reading that is a part of my priestly ministry. Wishing you a peaceful and successful year.

John Poth -

Just a short note to tell you I am enjoying the machine very much. It has been in use every day for more things than just writing and reading. It also helped me to be independent; like banking and even threading a needle.

Thanks, Mary E.

Dear John:

Just a line to let you know I'm doing better at reading everyday. It's been over a year since I was able to read and this TeleSensory Product has really made a great difference in my life.

Thank you, Chester L.

Dear John,

Thanks for your patience and good descriptions of your product and of my problems. I have a lot of new experiences to learn and the Rainbow sure looks to be the best. Wish you well in your future sales efforts.

Bob M.


Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to our students about video magnification technology and demonstrate your line.  We greatly appreciate all you do!

Audrey S. and Kerry L.


I just received the pocket viewer today.  It's wonderful!  They have realluy improved it.  Thanks for your help.

Sue S.

Dear John,

Many thanks for the delivery & instruction to our committee on use of the Topaz Desktop Magnifier!


Thank you so m uch for taking care of our CCTV adjustment problem.  It was "above and beyond!"

Donna L.

Dear John Poth,

Thank you for the magnifying machine you secured for the Blind Association to give to our library.

It certainly will be of great use for some of our patrons.

Peg M.