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  • MagniLink Zip Full HD comes with a Full HD reading/distance camera and mirror mode. Full HD provides the greatest image quality available and is also the best choice for RP users because it offers incredible contrast and low initial magnification. It's easy to fold and unfold the system and to carry it between different locations. A battery with up to 5 h operation time is available as option for convenient use. Other options are a smooth X/Y table providing convenient reading, computer connection and software for TTS Text To Speech (available for both PC and Mac) that makes it possible to listen to printed text.
  • Here is the product info: Unlike other products that are simply a VR headset smartphone holder, the e2 was designed from the ground up to be evenly balanced on your face for maximum comfort. Because the e2 is a self-contained device, it eliminates the added weight and heat of a smartphone that is simply inside a VR holder. We are the only all-in-one device designed to help the visually impaired with maximum comfort allowing it to be worn for extended periods of time.
    • 70 Degree field-of-view
    • Unique Bubble Vision mode
    • Bioptic/Split Screen mode
    IrisVision Live is a new low vision wearable technology that combines the current Samsung virtual reality headset with innovative upgradeable software to produce a low cost, low vision solution unlike anything else on the market.  IrisVision Live offers customers intuitive interfaces, large screens with sharp vivid color, a wide range of magnification and auto focus capabilities for near, distance and immediate tasks - all with a 70 degree field-of-view!  The IrisVision Live platform opens up a world of possibilities for future features including movies and media content, rehabilitation training software, and even medical monitoring for patients to connect to their  doctor via tele-medicine.

    1 year warranty

  • ClearView GO offers the same reading comfort, ease of use, and functionality as a desktop video magnifier, but in a compact and foldable design. It is the ideal solution for people who need magnification at different locations. With ClearView GO, you can comfortably read text and view objects, at home, office, classroom, or on the go. Its foldable design makes it extremely easy to take the ClearView GO with you or to store it when you do not need it. With ClearView GO, you will enjoy a crisp, clear, full HD image on the 15.6” screen. The monitor can be fully adjusted in height, so you will always have the right reading angle and height. The ClearView GO has a convenient 3-in-1 rotatable camera that allows you to magnify text and objects up close, in the distance, and even to look at yourself. Simply point the camera to what you want to see and adjust the settings according to your personal preference. ClearView GO is the latest addition to the ClearView product line and the first desktop video magnifier by Optelec that is fully foldable and features a 3-in-1 rotatable camera.
    •      Wearable magnifier

    •      101 degree Field of View

    •      Auto Focus

    •      Easy to Use 3 Button Control

    •      Variable Magnification up to 18x

    •      Contrast – Normal View, Black on White, White on Black

    •      Wireless

    •      2 to 5hr Battery Life

    •      Lightweight Design

    •      1 Year Warranty

    •      OCR/Text to Speech with several languages

    •      Stream Television and Movies

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