Discontinued by Manufacturer

ClearReader+ is gone forever but let us help!
We recommend these options for you.

  • Portable Audio Reading System
  • Easy to Use
  • USB & SD Memory Card
  • Advanced Version Connects to PC Monitor
With an easily integrated optional Magnification Feature Pack, you can expand the ClearReader+ functionality with document saving capabilities and transform the OCR device into a digital video magnifier. For example, view and magnify text or photos, select your preferred high contrast color, and save important documents on a SD card or on a USB stick and more. Access to printed documents such as magazines, newspapers, books or a letter from a friend has never been so easy. Portable and battery powered, the Optelec ClearReader+ assistive technology device can be used in the home, at school or work, making it ideal for reading books, newspapers, receipts or reviewing bills and bank statements. To operate, simply power on the unit, release the camera arm and place the reading material under the high-resolution camera. Press the scan button to take a snap shot of the text, and in seconds the Optelec ClearReader+ will read the desired text in high quality speech. The Optelec ClearReader+ Basic offers all the benefits of the ClearReader+ but is AC Powered and without built-in rechargeable batteries. Additionally, the Optelec ClearReader+ is easily customized to read text at different speeds, in up to 29 supported languages and 42 different voices.


  • Seniors
  • Students
  • Reads Aloud

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