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CCTV's & Video Magnifiers

ClearView "C"

The new Optelec ClearView C is a modern desktop video magnifier that is designed to improve your reading experience. The unique design provides you with more working space and helps you to read your favourite newspaper, enjoy craftwork or write without being restricted in movement.

ClearView + Speech/ClearView "C" Speech

The Optelec ClearView+ Speech is available as a complete system or as a separate module upgrade. Thanks to the compatibility, all existing ClearView+ models (G1& G2) can be easily upgraded to enjoy the new Speech function!


ClearView+ Video Magnifier System magnifies anything placed under it from 2 to over 70 times its original size, always maintaining perfect focus.  New ClearView Speech adds a 24" Touch Screen monitor with audio capabilities to read what is displayed on the screen.


TOPAZ desktop video magnifiers make seeing type, handwriting, and small details easier than ever before. Just place a letter or picture on the moveable reading table, and adjust the magnification level and display colors to work best for your eyesight.

Topaz OCR

Comfortably switch from reading magnified texts yourself to letting the Topaz OCR read them to you.  Just place your document under the camera and tap te screen to activate the speech function.

MagniLink Vision

With MigniLink Vision TTS, text can be read aloud character by character, word by word, line by line or paragraph by paragraph.

LaView HD

Featuring an HD camera and monitor, LaView HD presents a very natural, bright and vivid picture. It’s compact and sleek design takes up very little space, making it the most portable desktop magnifier.


Prodigi is the first Personal Assistant that is both a desktop and handheld magnifier, plus so much more.


LookStation is designed to be a versatile and cost efficient desktop video magnifier for low vision users. 


The Journey High-Resolution system is a lightweight and compact flat panel magnifier. The LCD monitor is fully adjustable to your needs with easy to controls and a great contemporary design.