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ClearView + Speech/ClearView "C" Speech

ClearView+ Speech w/24" Monitor - $3695
ClearView+ Speech w/24" HD Monitor - $3895
ClearView+ Speech Voice Module - $2494

  • Full-Page Overview
  • 24" HD Touch Screen
  • Picture Viewer
  • More than 60 Reading Voices
  • and much more

The Optelec ClearView+ Speech is available as a complete system or as a separate module upgrade. Thanks to the compatibility, all existing ClearView+ models (G1& G2) can be easily upgraded to enjoy the new Speech function!

You can easily select the exact place you want to start reading, whether it is a paragraph, column or word. To activate the Speech function, simply tap the screen and instantly enjoy listening to articles, letters, or books. That's how easy it is! You also have the convenience of saving documents or viewing digital photos on an SD card or USB drive. Load photos from your recent vacation and activate the slide show mode to share your pictures with the family.