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The Revolution


  • First "All-in-One" system
  • 22" Touchscreen Android Tablet
  • 1.0X to 70X magnification
  • Near and distance viewing w/self-view
  • Full page Text-to-Speech

The Revolution is the first assistive device targeted to an all in one “Living Machine". The user can toggle back and forth between the Full HD Video Magnifier, Text To Speech and Android Operating System with a push of a single button.

While in Video Magnifier mode, the 3-in-1 HD camera assists the user in tabletop, distance and self-viewing modes.

When switched to the Android Operating system, the user can simply swing up the secondary text to speech camera, open the application on the desktop and scan any full A4 document for highly accurate read back.

Since the system is a full tablet computer, the user can check e-mail, surf the internet, create documents and anything else normally done on a computer. In addition, all the applications available from the Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store can be enjoyed on the machine.

The revolutionary touchscreen interface is easy to use and highly intuitive. In addition, the accessibility features in the Android platform make the unit simple and easy to use by the visually impaired.

The Revolution takes the user to the next level. It is ideal for anyone that is wanting an all in one machine for their daily living tasks.