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Smartview 360

$1795 - New Lower Price

  • 16 Color Select
  • Line Markers & Shadowing
  • Rolling Carying Case (optional)

With its integrated camera and monitor, the SmartView 360o desktop magnifier magnifies images to help you clearly see the world around you. It’s easy to position the camera to see across a room, enlarge any text or act as a magnifying mirror.

Classroom work, studying and homework are made easier through the power and versatility of the SmartView 360 desktop magnifier. From the blackboard to books, students of all ages can quickly and easily move the camera for a clearer view.

For seniors, the SmartView 360 desktop magnifier makes everyday life much easier. Simply point the camera to read important instructions, books and mail, and for personal tasks such as applying make-up and styling hair.