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  • Video and audio device
  • Variable magnification - 1X to 12X
  • 3 contrast levels
  • 2 hour battery in the device and a 10 hour battery pack
  • Wireless Remote
  • Voice Activation
  • WiFi upgradeable

NuEyes is the latest innovation for the visually impaired.  It is a head worn device that a consumer can look into and read, write and become more visually independent.  By utilizing the newest technology to date, people can easily magnify using their voice, a wireless Bluetooth Controller, or simply touching the glasses themselves.  You can either read comfortably in your easy chair or use the oincluded optional lens for viewing distance objects such as loved one's faces.  Scan and read printed text in an audio voice.  Connect to a Smart TV to view TV images on your NuEyes Glasses.