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Portable Systems

Visolux Digital HD

The Visolux Digital HD combines modern technology with intuitive operation and provides the ultimate reading comfort.

Ruby 7 HD

The all-new portable Ruby 7 HD makes reading easier. The seven inch screen can display more text and magnifies materials up to 24 times. This ultra-portable device can go anywhere with ease.

Explore 3

Convenient, lightweight and portable, the Explore 3 is ideal for people who wish to have an electronic magnifier with them all the time, everywhere they go.

Explore 5 HD

Ease of use and outstanding ergonomics make the Explore 5 the device of choice for active people looking for an electronic magnifier they can take everywhere they go.

Explore 7 HD

he Explore 7 is a portable CCTV that's smaller and lighter than other current 7 inch magnifiers.

Explore 8 HD

The Explore 8, a Touch Screen HD handheld portable video magnifier  for active people who prefer a large screen but still want maximum portability.

Topaz Phd

Topaz Phd provides the comfort and productivity of our desktop Topaz products, including a brilliant image, wide magnification range, Freeze Frame, Find function, and adjustable reference lines and masks.

MagniLink Zip

Uncompromising true-color image quality is ever present and the system is intuitive and user friendly.

Candy 4HD/5HD

CANDY 5 HD is a handheld (with handle) 5.0" LCD HD video magnifier with a unique, ergonomic 3-position handle that can be comfortably held in the center-balanced position, for right-handed or left-handed use.

Compact 6 HD Speech

Point the Compact 6 HD Speech at text, take a snapshot and listen to the text as it is read aloud.  The pocket-sized Compact 6 HD Speech captures, recognizes and reads text to you in over 25 languages.

Compact 7 HD

The Optelec Compact 7 HD is the newest, truly portable 7 inch widescreen electronic video magnifier with High Definition image quality, extreme simplicity and an attractive style.

Compact+ HD

Read anything, anytime, anywhere! The new Compact+ HD allows you to perform your daily reading and viewing tasks effortlessly. Text that used to be too small is easily enlarged to your preferred size and contrast settings.


The all-new RUBY XL HD puts crystal clear, high-definition magnification in the palm of your hand. At just 10.5 ounces, the slim RUBY XL HD goes anywhere with you. The five-inch screen brings out even the finest details. You can magnify materials up to 14 times – books, photographs, newspapers, medications, labels, and more. The 20 high-contrast color viewing modes let you adjust text to be easy on your eyes.

Crystal XL

The Crystal XL2 is a unique hand-held video magnifier with the latest TFT display technology. It is optimized for high reading speed with a simple, efficient button arrangement for single-handed use.

Eye C

The Eye-C portable handheld video magnifier allows the user to enlarge small print up to 17x and view it on its 4.3" wide screen color LCD. 

Traveller HD

Read anywhere! Unlike a desktop video magnifier, the revolutionary Traveller HD allows you to comfortably read letters, newspapers and other materials at the dining table, in bed, or in your favorite chair.

Connect 12

The new Prodigi Connect 12 is more than a powerful digital magnifier with desktop and distance viewing. This ideal solution for students of all ages opens the window to an intelligent Android world, allowing free and open access to more than one million apps.


The Revo2Go is the first assistive device that allows the user to take their fully functional video magnifier and text to speech unit with them in a convenient shoulder bag.

SmartLux Digital

The SmartLux Digital is a revolutionary, portable video magnifier that has a multitude of features, all for a very economical price.


Weighing in at 4.2 ounces the Aukey is the lightest video magnifier on the market with a 3.5 inch LCD.

Compact Mini

Imagine being able to read from medicine dosage labels, restaurant menus and bus timetables. Simply position the Compact mini over reading material and objects and view an enlarged, high contrast image on the 3.5-inch full colour screen.


The RUBY is easy to use for those who are unfamiliar with technology products. Just turn it on with one button, place it over an object, and adjust enlargement to your preference with the easy zoom button.