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Compact 6 HD Speech


  • 6" Touch Screen with Speech
  • Customizable button bars
  • Tilt Screen
  • 1.8X to 18X

The Compact 6 HD Speech is more than just another electronic magnifier.  Being only one half of an inch thick, it is a pocket-sized, 6 inch TouchScreen magnifier that reads text aloud a well as magnify images.  It is perfect at your desk, at a store, at home, at school, or at the office.  Point the Compact 6 HD Speech at text, take a snapshot and listen to the text as it is read aloud.  The pocket-sized Compact 6 HD Speech captures, recognizes and reads text to you in over 25 languages.  With the Compact 6 HD Speech, you can also read magnified text in high contrast colors an view objects from a distance.