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Visolux Digital HD


  • 7" HD screen with anti-glare coating
  • Magnification - 2X to 22X
  • 14 Color Contrast modes
  • Underline and Blinds
  • Image capture and storage on 4 GB SD card
  • HDMI connection with "split screen"
  • Battery and Case included

The Visolux Digital HD combines modern technology with intuitive operation and provides the ultimate reading comfort.  This advanced video magnifier features an extra-large 7" LCD screen with anti-glare coating, an HD camera, built-in stand and many other features, all at a very good price.  The device's unique Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS) feature allows the user to scroll side to side on the screen in higher magnification levels without having to move the device.  Its HD camera actually sees more than is shown on the screen, making reading a book or magazine easier than ever.  The Visolux Digital HD's built-in HDMI and USB ports allow the user the option to transmit images directly to their computer and live stream to a television screen.  It's unmatched connectivity options and superior image quality make this the ultimate low vision device!