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ClearView "C" Speech

$3995 (with picture and video)

  • 24" TouchScreen Monitor
  • Captures the whole page
  • Point directly at columns or words and read
  • Store documents or view photos

The ClearView "C" Speech is a truly innovative reading machine that combines magnified text with reading aloud.  With its TouchScreen interface, it is simple and easy to read any document quickly and easily.  There is no complicated keypad - just touch the screen and read!   The ClearView "C" Speech can instantly convert any printed text into speech.  It makes it possible to access accurate information in a way that is most comfortable and easy to you, especially long text.  The Point and Read interface allows you to simply touch the screen for the Speech feature, and then sit back, relax and listen.  You also have the option to select video magnification to view photos, bills and read shorter text.